Links To Towerkill Information
American Bird Conservancy (ABC)
The most active and effective US non-government organization working on the issue of bird mortality broadcast & communications towers. ABC has been involved with every step of addressing the avian tower kill problem since 1997. This includes a on-going petition (with several other groups) aimed at forcing the FCC to comply with the rules of the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) and to take steps that are now scientifically proven to reduce avian impact at broadcast & communications towers -- foremost is the elimination of any kind of permanent lighting on or near towers.

Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP)
This amazing Canadian grassroots organization, formed in April 1993, is an inspiring success story bringing attention to the problem of birds killed at lighted man-made structures.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
The US governmental agency responsible for regulating communications towers. The FCC offers the public the opportunity to comment on its activities and proposed rulemaking. Under pressure from environmental groups and US Fish and Wildlife Service, the FCC initiated an inquiry into the avian tower kill issue in 2003 and inquired into the possibility of specific rulemaking geared toward mitigating the problem in 2007. To read the public comments on these FCC actions, go to:
Enter 03-187 in the "Proceedings" box and then click "Retrieve Documents List". Here one will find approximately 2750 comments to the FCC from bird lovers, environmental organizations, First Nation tribes, and the broadcast & communications industry.

Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS)
The US governmental agency responsible for protecting migratory birds. The issue of bird mortality at communications towers had been on the FWS's radar for many years. FWS produced a comprehensive bibliography on the issue (see Towerkill Bibliography) in the late 1970s (revised in 1980), and more recent literature had been tracked by FWS's John Trapp (see Towerkill Bibliography). When the issue boiled over in early 1998, the need for FWS to dedicate resources to the issue became clear. By 2000, FWS had coordinated the formation of the Communications Tower Working Group (CTWG), a multi-stakeholder working group comprised of representatives from pertinent federal agencies, the broadcast and communication industry, non-government environmental organizations, and academia to work on finding a mutual solution to the tower kill problem. FWS also produced a guidance document for the tower industry for reducing impact of the structures on migratory birds. That document and other resources can be found at the FWS link above.
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